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Website Content Writers

When considering Internet marketing in Calgary, your website content must be updated and written in a way that is easy to read in order to keep your audience interested. Writing online is not like writing an essay; website content must be precise and clear in order for Google and the average reader to understand. Below is an example of an article written for online consumption.


All of us, at some point in our lives, notwithstanding the part of the world we live in, have acquired and felt the need to use an umbrella. The very conventional form of an umbrella was (and still is) a long stick with a canvas top that would open and close by pushing and pulling the ring on the shaft of the stick. Such conventional umbrellas would usually come in a standard black color. With the passage of time and circumstances, the usage, quality, features, shapes and designs of the umbrella have gone through a drastic change.

In this day and age, it is quite common now to have a push button umbrella which automatically opens (and in a lot of newer models, even closes) on the push of a button. The button is often located on the base or side of the handle of the umbrella and operates by means of a spring mechanism. Given the spring based method, such umbrellas open up faster than their conventional counterparts and require less effort and hassle. They also ensure that you avoid any injury or wound in the process of opening a conventional umbrella which may be sustained whilst pushing or pulling the ring too close to your skin.

The automatic umbrellas provide great convenience to its users. Be that as it may, one needs to be careful and cautious when purchasing such automatic umbrellas as they do have a tendency to develop a fault fairly quickly, as is the case with all machine related equipments. This may be due to any inherent fault, exposure to water, etc. When such fault develops, it defeats the purpose of the automatic umbrella and as a result of which you will be unable to use it all or at least not hassle free. To avoid these inherent problems, one must ensure that the umbrella they purchase is of impeccable quality, brand name (even if you have to pay a little extra) and is also covered with a reasonable warranty (some even claim to have a lifetime warranty).

The benefit of such automatic and innovative umbrellas is that they are designed and manufactured to take into account issues that the user may face rather than simply focusing on its sheltering aspect (from sun and rain primarily). For example, most of these automatic umbrellas now come with a double canopy, which is basically designed to stop the umbrella from inverting in high winds. This is possible because there is a slit in between the double canopy, which lets the air pass through it (which usually gets trapped in a simple umbrella causing it to turn back). Such double canopy umbrellas are available in multiple variations to suit the needs and requirements of the consumer. The best gauging factor when purchasing a double canopy umbrella is to assess the speed of the wind that it can withstand. Inverting of the umbrella, particularly when it is raining can be a nightmare and is often an inconvenience that cannot be afforded, particularly when you are rushing to work or for some other urgent matter. Whenever your umbrella starts to invert, it is an indication that you need to change it sooner rather than later as it defeats the purpose for which it was bought. By way of caution, it is always advisable to return indoors or to a reasonably safe place if your umbrella gets inverted and the weather conditions are not safe for you to walk in.

Moreover, umbrellas can be bought in different shapes and sizes; for example you may prefer to have a big one with a traditional stick or a compact and concise one which fits into your bag and can be easily folded. This makes them easy and extremely convenient to carry around without burdening you with excess weight or items which is not preferred. Having said that, more often than not, the traditional stick umbrella is considered to be more durable than the compact one; eventually it is a matter of choice and your personal preferences as to which one would suit you the best. For example, commuters or people who spend a good part of their day outdoors can benefit from compact umbrellas that come with pouches and straps for ease of carrying.

It is also vital when purchasing an umbrella to check the quality of the canopy of the umbrella. Mostly, the material used is nylon owing to its durability, availability in the market and inexpensiveness. Also, an umbrella canopy can be made from what is called a Pongee (a material which is a hybrid of silk and polyester) which is much lighter in weight; however, the same can be costly and is not as common as the nylon based umbrellas.

Umbrellas are also widely used outside hotels by doormen and commonly known as the doorman umbrellas, which are specially tailored to suit the commercial requirements and usage of the hotels and residential entrances. Similar in shape and purpose are the golf umbrellas which have a larger canopy for better shelter.

Umbrellas are also used as marketing tools as well as fashion statements by the advertising community and consumers, respectively. Umbrellas have evolved since their inception and are now commonly available in multiple colors and designs to suit your liking. From a marketing perspective, it is an excellent tool to promote and enhance a specific product or the name of an organization, given the nature of the umbrella which can spread the word in the masses effectively and cheaply as compared to other modes of advertising.

One of the easiest options to search for a quality umbrella and the varying options available to you can be through an online search or by visiting the stores, shops and malls near you.

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There is also value to having video footage on your website. Videos are easier to drive traffic to your website if it is entertaining or educational to your audience. Showing real videos of your company, your work space or the services you provide can really give your company a voice and create a bond between you and your audience. The following video displays Rocky Point Academy, a learning solutions center that aids individuals who have difficulty reading, writing, or learning.

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